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During my internship at LegalQ I had many opportunities to learn new technologies and be a part of essential meetings/negotiations. I was able to suggest Ideas on how to get something done more efficiently and then had to implement that idea with no guidance. My LegalQ internship was done remotely so I had to be independent. There were two times when I knew that my work was essential for other people at LegalQ to do their work or even launch the product itself.

At a weekly meeting a coworker needed to get the contact information of every lawyer in Minnesota. The coworker planned on getting the information manually or paying someone else to get the information. I offered to get the information myself and due to the deadline of when the app was expected to launch I had to get it done or risk the team of not having the information they needed to launch properly. Initially to get the information quickly I used to get some of the data that they wanted. After getting a demo of what they wanted I then proceeded to create a web scraper with python. I never webscraped with python before or even used at all. I knew that LegalQ was taking a risk on me for getting this information so I gave them updates on my progress. After about working for 3 days I was able to get the web scraper working and the data they wanted in a .csv file.

I am still an intern at LegalQ, this will be updated later. LegalQ is a startup that tries to connect clients with attorneys quickly for a reasonable fee, it’s great for getting legal advice. For more information about LegalQ please visit their website:

Johnson Brothers

At Johnson Brother Liquor Company (JBLC) I was an IT Intern that used Microsoft 365, especially Excel on a daily basis. I used technologies such as SpiceWorks, Active Directory, and some of my own discovery scripts to find all the computers in JBLC so that the IT group can estimate how many new computers/laptops they would need to buy for an overall company upgrade. I had to find out various things about each employee's computer such as operating system, storage, RAM and more to figure out if they need an upgrade as well as log who has what computer. I analyzed data to make a decision for a computer to be upgraded or not.

My favorite part about the internship was automating installs. Previously, I had to install many programs on each computer individually for the post imaging process. To save time and energy on manually installing and updating programs I automated it. Automating the process cut the time in half, and I did not have to be present for the time the script was running. I used that free time to help the mobile specialist wipe 300+ iPads and install/setup 30 iPhones and iPads. The automation script took one and a half days to complete and saved a total of 30 hours over 3 weeks and was used beyond my internship.